Talofa and welcome to Samoa's first 

and only Photography Club!

This club is open to all local enthusiasts wishing to meet and share with like-minded people wishing to improve their photography skills & expand their creative & technical knowledge. Everyone is welcome to join, whether you are a professional, amateur or beginner using digital/film camera‚Äôs or your phone camera too. It's about encouraging photography fans to get out and start shooting to capture all our beautiful country has to offer while learning and sharing with each other our mutual appreciation for photography.

It's early days yet, but we will look to eventually host various events that are suitable for photographers (of all levels), which range from themed photo shoots, training courses, workshops and seminars on subjects such as street, night, portrait, travel, candid, wedding, landscape photography and more.

There will be an emphasis also within the club for photographic day trips and even weekend breaks to enjoy the cultural and natural wonders that our island paradise possesses.

We also welcome members of related professions... models, makeup artists, stylists, etc, who are interested in joining our photo shoots to enhance their portfolio.

Without members . . . we are not a club. So to get the ball rolling we'd like you to contact us and register a few details about yourself and how you would like this club to help you and your passion for photography! Please click here to join Samoa's One & Only Photographers Club!!

Manuia le aso

Tony & Melissa smile emoticon